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« on: Mar 09, 2015, 12:50:06 PM »
I bought a new device, which should mean that wherever I am I can instigate a ban.  This has been a problem in the past if a spammer got online and I was out and couldn't act.  Hopefully, this reduces the problems that can cause.

It also gives me the ability to tackle some of the frankly disgusting behaviour which has been happening.  No, I still don't have time for this, and hopefully another solution will arise, but in the meantime I am enacting tyrannical reign on the boards.

So, if I see a post I don't like, the poster will receive a 2 day ban even if it doesn't break the rules (if it does break the rules then I'll add another 2 days for good measure).  I will be totally subjective in a way I have avoided for my entire time managing the boards.  It's now been ten years since I started (13 since I first volunteered) and if it's my fault that I get messages from members new and old concerned about the state of the board then I am taking responsibility now.  I didn't choose the role of admin, in fact I took every opportunity I could to not be admin, but here we are.

So, new tactic, if it gets reported and I don't like it, you will be banned.  If I stumble upon it and I don't like it, then you will be banned.  What is it I didn't like...figure it out for yourself!  I'm a nice person but I'm also argumentative as hell.  So, you won't get banned for arguing with someone, but you will if you're mean:-)

I hope this means that I'll get more RTMs, though don't use me to settle your arguments, as I may choose to ban you instead, that's mean too!  Don't bother with anything that happened before today.  All posts before this one will have amnesty (other than privacy issues or anything else I deem urgent) so please think forward not backward.

Oh, and this thread is locked, because I don't want to hear any comments about it...unless they get reported.

Cue evil cackle!
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