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Additions to the Rainbow Families:

my sparkle instinct and partner: Ava Rose due March 7th 2009, born February 4th 2009. Conception of successful pregnancy took 5 attempts(chemical pregnancies first 3 cycles). Home AI with known donor. Born 5 weeks early but no special care needed.

vixonb and partner, Baby vixonb due 30 March 2009, born in perfect timing 30 March 2009 a baby girl at Queen Charlottes, Londonmiraculously conceived with 1st attempt via IUI, IVF Hammersmith

Madiro and partner, BabyMadiro due 8 July 2009 born 9 July 2009, St Mary's Manchester
Conceived through AI with known donor, following an earlier miscarriage

Malaprop (formerly August), Miniprop due 24 August 2009 born 20th August 2009, at 8.07am weighing 7lb 11oz, a daughter

Candygirl and Ms Elvis, bump due 23rd October 2009, conceived via 1st IVF at the Bridge clinic. Baby girl, Little Candy, born 25th October, 8lb exactly.
A sibling for Little Elvis (7/9/07, conceived 2nd round IVF, on a cycle converted to IUI)

Lazybird, Lazychicklet due 11 November 2009 born 13 November (a sibling for the Lazychick)

SanFran and Rach, The Frosties (twins) due 21 November 2009
Conceived via FET (IVF) at LWC

Shandybass and partner, Baby Shandybass due late November 2009 Baby girl Romy born in the Royal Sussex, Brighton on 1st December 2009
Conceived via IVF at Agora, Hove (first attempt!)

Peaches and gf, BabyPeaches due 22 January 2010 (a sibling for Alfred) Theodor born 23rd January 2010

Bumptastic and Mrstastic - Baby Bean due 13th Feb 2010 Evie Susan born 3 February 2010

Bumble and Jo, BabyBumble due 15 February 2010
Conceived via IVF (1st go) at Guys, following 6 unsuccessful IUIs

Charliest3 and partner OJ, Baby Charliest3, due 23rd March 2010
OJ carrying Charliest3's egg, 1st time success at LWC Alexa Grace Susan born 10th March 2010, 6lb 5oz

Soft-stud and partner, Baby SS (boy, 6lb 10oz) Born Thurday 15th April at 17:41 @ EGA. Forceps delivery.

AJ2006 & partner expecting baby Pog, due 15th May 2010. Conceived by frozen embryo transfer in August following one go of ICSI in May at Leeds General Infirmary.
Sibling for Alex, 3.5, conceived by 2nd IUI (same anonymous donor)

Sherpa and partner, expecting boc ("ball of cells"), due 20th May 2010
Conceived using Danish donor sperm at Glasgow Centre for Reproductive Medicine, 1st IVF following 1 IUI and 1 IVF-turned-IUI.

Platypus and Mrs Platypus expecting Platypup 30th June 2010, conceived via known donor. "5th attempt, got the timing right when we started using the Taking Control of Your Fertility bible."

Hayjay and Cyberfan expecting Babyjay, due 2nd July 2010, conceived via IVF. Teddy (Theodore Thomas), carried by Hayjay, born 20th June 2010, a sibling to Cyberfan's daughters J (19) and A (15)
Kayo and wife T, expecting bumpette on 6th July 2010, conceived via first-time IUI at LWC.

Medwaychick and wife, expecting their baby girl on 3rd August 2010 (Carmen Louise)

Parnell and Girlfriend (not on GB) due 1st child  :D (girl) on Aug 6th. Concieved via 1st time IVF at The Lister Clinic, Chelsea with donor sperm imported from US via Zytex

Jet, expecting Bean, due August 9th. Son K was born at 37 weeks on 19/07/10 weighing 6lb 5oz

atticz & the Narf - baby due 28 August 2010, 1st go IVF at The Lister.  Narf is pregnant using atticz's eggs and donor sperm from Xytex. Bruce Lee born on 18th August by planned Caesarean

Little Green and partner (not on gb) - baby due 30 August 2010, 1st time ICSI (IVF), Guys Hospital, following 2 x IUI at LWC, donor sperm from ESB. Baby George born on 6 Sept to Little Green and partner (SJ and T) by c-section after long labour.

Mrs A and T Sunrise  awaiting; Buba Beanie EDD 9th October 2010, conceived via #2 medicated IUI at Cardiff LWC. "our little son was born Thursday 14th October after a 13 hour labour and birth in a birthing pool at home"[/color]

labrat & patchitup expecting twins, boy & girl, due date October 11th 2010 conceived via ivf at Bourn Hall (siblings for Monkey)

Mrs & Mrs Pepstar, expecting their little one on the 13th November 2010.  Conceived via #3 medicated IUI at Guys & St Thomas' in London using donor sperm from the ESB.

Rachel and partner. Partner expecting baby due 22 Nov 2010. {Father is our current toddler's non-biological father (ie the partner of no 1's bio-father). (Rachel was bio-mum of no 1 - and thus will be non-bio mum of this one!).}
Trixibell and partner. Partner expecting baby due 22 December 2010, a sibling to 2 children carried by Trixibell, same known donor, conceived after many attempts


List from Deemo's due in 2011 list:

Trixibell, due Dec 22 (2010) - girl born 24 Dec
Kilc22, due Jan 15 - girl born Jan 15
Deemo, due Jan 14 - girl born Jan 18
Primate, girl due Feb 9 - born Feb 14
Figaro, due Feb 14 - girl born Feb 16
LouieB, due Mar 7
Nickidee, girl, born March 18
Squidly17, boy, due Apr 3
LCRM, due May 3 - boy born April 22
Little-rogue, due May 23
Izem, due Jun 30
Danger Rabbit, due Aug 8 - girl born Aug 15
Robiloo, due Aug 29
Angelfire, due Oct 21

DangerRabbit and partner: baby Sophia was born Monday 15th August 2011, weighing 6lb 14oz.

Graciebaby - due early February 2012, conceived with help of donor dad and his husband.

Animalnitrate - due 23rd April 2012, Conceived through home AI with known donor on 3rd cycle. Single parent by choice.

MimandMum: Shylar: born 19 May 2012 (5 months), younger sibling to Jai: 15 April 2010 (2 yrs)

Also, if any of you would care to share how your bump was conceived (known donor/clinic, type of treatment, how many attempts it took to get there), I think it could be both interesting and inspirational to those starting out, and give hope to those who have been trying for some time already.

Oh Lots of babies, exciting!

Baby Madiro was concieved through Artificial Insemination with a known donor. After a miscarriage, we tried again and God was kind to us, baby Madiro is nearly here. Keeping fingers crossed that all will be well. xx

Sorry to hear of your earlier miscarriage Madiro  :-*
You are indeed nearly there now though, how are feeling in these final weeks - desperate for the baby to be out in the real world yet rather than inside you?!


--- Quote from: nismat on Jun 13, 2009, 10:36:33 AM ---Sorry to hear of your earlier miscarriage Madiro  :-*
You are indeed nearly there now though, how are feeling in these final weeks - desperate for the baby to be out in the real world yet rather than inside you?!

--- End quote ---

Yes desperate to meet him more like. I guess I am also tired or being tired! I just want to see what he will look like, character, i guess i just cant wait.

Ohhhhh my god BUMBLE! Argh when did that happen?!?! Wooooopppeeee, huge congrats to you and Jo!!!!! xxx


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