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I will be in London on June 21st for 16 days  as a Pride volunteer & travel writer...perhaps writing about PRIDE for our   gay Fort Lauderdale publication. I will be interested in some interviews, as well. To See some of my  writing that has been posted, go to, under the title, where it says "search" select region{Eur.}. then subregion, England,then activity, Architecture.  This process will lead you to all(that is for this company), my articles:, which obviously say :Valerie...some shared with Nancy.European travel is my greatest joy. My grandparents were Irish & Italian. I look Italian, with blond curly hair & green/blue eyes, but my heart is very attached to Ireland... & I embrace London, with ardent passion, hoping to teach there in one of your colleges or high schools one day soon... I will be in County Antrim, Derry,etal & parts of Ireland before I get to London. Would love to meet articulate women who love travel & fun at First Out on Thursday June 25th,as that is a Gingerbeer night, at around 6PM.  I will be easy to recognize as I have been challenrged by Fox,Sprung, Blueberry crumble, Oogleberry, FetishKitty & a few others to walk in with a bag of chips & instead I will wear chips dangling from my ear lobes. NO KIDDING... Chips on the ears...if I don't get thrown in to a looney bin on my way to F.O. :)