Author Topic: READ ME FIRST - Events Calendar Regulations  (Read 7891 times)

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READ ME FIRST - Events Calendar Regulations
« on: Mar 20, 2008, 10:08:33 AM »
As with the previous events board, this is here for promoters to advertise their events.  If users wish to find people to attend an event with then they should use the making friends section. 

Please stick to these rules else the thread will be deleted. Continued flouting of the rules, your Events will no longer be listed.

One post, no bumps. Don't use members or other user-names to bump the thread either. Genuine replies are obvious.
No websites.  No using events as your log in name and then posting all over the boards. These posts will be removed regardless of what they say. If you are a promoter and want to chat as a member then use a different ID.
Don't use threads to link to this site. Members know where the Events listings are.
No weblinks in your signatures.
Thank you
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