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...Thought i'd start this thread cos I always think of random little things that I want to say that don't warrant an entire thread of its own!!!!  ;D

Wow, our very own random disclosure thread  ;D

We are tying the knot in 8 days time  :D

We are so excited, but kinda nervous too.

We have family and friends coming from far and wide, including a beerie and her partner (Shhhhhh) and they are going to be our witnesses
Our 4 kids are in matching Victorian style outfits, both boys will be wearing the same as will the girls.

We have Rainbow pin badges for everyone instead of buttonholes.

We've had wedding rings specially made, our cake topper has arrived (must see), we have rainbow ribbon for the car and are just awaiting delivery of our cake next Friday.

We are so busy, but it's FANTASTIC!!!

My daughter ht her head yesterday and went to hospital. She's fine, but is off school; I hope this doesn't encourage her to hit her head more often. ::)

Good luck Chiltern!

We just had to make a large and morally unfair payment to someone we did business with and we're worried we now won't be able to afford an IUI next cycle if this one doesn't work.  :'(

We're glad to be shot of this person finally though!  :)


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