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Re: Amsterdam
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About the dutch being rude or not... well, every country has it's own culture and customs.. so first of all it's hard to judge it from outside your own 'bubble'.. second of all, like someone already stated, you can't generalise too much.

That being said, I'm Dutch myself, born and raised in the Netherlands... and compared to customer service in the UK, US and other countries I can see why the Dutch come across as a bit rude. We're much more blunt in general, so that probably doesn't help either :) And unorganised... yeah, that's kinda true as well. But I think Dutch people can be very friendly too, but it totally depends on your own attitude as well.

Good hostel to stay at (as someone already mentioned) is ''the Flying Pig', two gay male friends of mine stayed there for a few days last summer and they absolutely loved it! It's located in the middle of the city, close to the central station. Most hotels are quite expensive, I wouldn't go for that.

Museums: Anne Frank Museum, Rembrandt Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum are the most famous ones. Personally I really like FOAM (it's a photomuseum), they sometimes have great exhibitions. Definitely worth checking out are the smaller galleries, that you can find everywhere.

At night there's plenty of stuff to do. If you like stand-up comedy 'Boom Chicago' is fun to go to.. it's in English and they perform every night. Most trendy Dutch clubs aren't too keen on tourists and have a strict dress code, but you can always try! Gay-wise... most places are more male-oriented but there are a few lesbian places around the city... most of them are around the Amstel-street, near Rembrandtplein. Lesbian bars are Saarein, Sappho, Vivelavie and Sugar. If you don't mind hanging out with the guys go to Regulierdwarsstraat.. that's where they play  ;D!

Food: There's plenty of restaurants... but I'd highly recommend Bazar! They have great African and Middle-Eastern food and the inside looks very vacation-ish! They're located on the Albert Cuypstraat, where also the Albert Cuyp Markt is... a big daily market!

If you want to explore the canals... take one of the peddle boats! Don't take the boat tours, unless you want to spend a lot of money.

Well, that's all I can think of right now....


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Re: Amsterdam
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hill street blues is my favourite coffee shop
its covered in grafitti and anyone can draw on the walls
good music and nice downstairs bit looking on to water


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Re: Amsterdam
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ohhh and take a peddleboat on the canal
smoke and peddle in the sun


i did it twice i loved it so much


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Re: Amsterdam
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we've just booked to go in july

got the hotel off priceline, think we've made a mistake!