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Re: Preparing for interview
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I find it really helpful for say, senior sales positions where there is likely to be a lot of talking and not much writing and the interviewers tend to be no very good at administration stuff, to take a brief powerpoint presentation on paper summarising a timeline about your career to date, key achievements, strengths and (positive)weaknesses, opportunities you have identified in their market and where you can add value and perhaps a short business plan of how you would envisage things going forward. Make it all branded and bespokey. Even if you don't do anything with it you can just leave it with them and they have something tangible to refer back to when they are reviewing the candidates. If you do use it as a tool in the interview then it demonstrates you are prepared, organised, have thought things through and gives you something to talk around. It doesn't matter if th stuff you are proposing to them is BS just take what you can off their website and other research they won't expect you to know everything about them. 


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Re: Preparing for interview
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Dear Whippy,

Thanks very much for your time and efforts,
I find this and another threads very helpful indeed.

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Re: Preparing for interview
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This is a fantastic post. I found the informational incredibly useful and well written. As someone who helps write resumes and as an employer, I am constantly searching for useful tips and advice that can help improve my ability to conduct interviews and help people interview better. These tips are fantastic and I will certainly be pointing people in the direction of these tips and using these tips myself on many levels. I know that updating a resume and heading back out into the job market can be extremely intimidating and daunting for people. Thanks for the tips and information!