Author Topic: What do you want to tell her??  (Read 956574 times)


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Re: What do you want to tell her??
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^  I also see that you have blocked me on wassap  ;D 

That gave me the best laugh.   Did you do it because you thought I might contact you?  Come on, I have not contacted you for two months and never intended to do so ever again however, when you gave me the horrible message saying "you are mental" I responded to that and then decided it was wrong of me and I should have ignored it as it opened up a line of communication between us that I did not want.   I do not like you because you are a very judgemental woman and everyone you come into contact with has to be absolutely perfect.  Let me tell you that not everyone is perfect, not even you.   All I have to say is good riddance, I never want to hear from you or see you for as long as I live.   You actually remind me of my mother !

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Re: What do you want to tell her??
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Please come back soon, c&m!