Author Topic: How do we prevent GB message boards from falling foul of hate speech?  (Read 2378 times)

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Re: How do we prevent GB message boards from falling foul of hate speech?
« Reply #105 on: Aug 19, 2018, 09:41:41 PM »
Would it be unfair to characterise your contributions to that serious debate, Chewwy, as to cast doubt on the concerns raised by others regarding potential abuse from womens spaces including self idd Transwomen and suggesting that others experiences of sexual abuse in public were not shared by you and may not be as widespread as suggested?

Is that a fair summary?

So when a self ided transwoman who has been advising the government that all such concerns are scaremongering appears to have been exposed as engaging in the sort of behaviour women were concerned about in the first place you could either accept you may be wrong or characterise those women who appear to have been vindicated as gloating. Or you could do both. The last one involves the least credit.

When you factor in that those women who are supposedly gloating have been subject to death threats, threats to their employment and dismissed as liars and haters for simply stating the obvious, then Im not surprised to be honest. Did you criticise their opponents for their lack of a somber tone when they were calling them smelly breathed, badly dressed, poor, middle aged or stupid? Nah.

Aye, it's a fair summary I guess.  Are you referring to Slanty's post re' being poked in the back by transwomen's penises (peni?)

(this is the best I can do at a cut and past quote so bear with...)

"Quote from: Slantrhyme on Jul 19, 2018, 04:32:52 PM
Quote from: Marty. on Jul 19, 2018, 01:57:00 AM

 Like being stuck on a bus or train with that perv sticking his, I mean her,  cock in your back, but not being able to get off. Oh yes, weve all had it happen. Those poor women


It's never happened to me (trans woman anyway), or anyone I know. "

The Bus Thing.  It hasn't happened to me or anyone I know (transwoman with penis), has it you?  And I do take into account the case you've mentioned.  I'm hoping there's more going on there and that said person's is an anomaly with a whole heap of issues.  Once again... hoping.

And my comment about gloating was aimed at ALL in this debate, over all the trans threads, both sides.  GB is on it's knees, and I get this debate has brought a lot of people back.  But it has got nasty at times.  Posters have been verbally ripping each other's throats out / getting at each other for past grudges etc.

And Betty - of course the online death threats/contact with employers etc are wrong.  Did you think I was okay with that?

Lastly I'm wondering if anyone's changed their opinion as a result of our threads?  I hope so, as I can only see people becoming more firmly entrenched.

Proper lastly - I know I'll regret typing this post, as I'm shit at debates that are not face to face - so'll probably pop back to 'Whatever You Fancy'. 

As we were...  ;)

Edited for bold '' clarity (hopefully).

A bit of an exaggeration don't you think?

I take back what I said. It's as dead as a dodo.