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Australian Back Packers Guide.
« on: Sep 12, 2016, 09:28:19 AM »
Below will be a list full of info for anyone who is going to venture out in the near future to Australia to complete a working class holiday visa for the 2nd year working holiday.

Savings $5000+
 I recommend more than $5000 as it does not last very long.

Printed copy of your visa and visa grant number.
photo copy of your passport, signed by justice of the peace.

Driving Licence

Depending on what state you visit you can transfer your full uk driving licence to and aussie one for a small fee.

Tax File number
You will need a tax file number for any employment, you will also be taxed 32% of your wages which is why savings are a must before you fly over.

Medi care card
You can apply at the local centre link which is australis job centre plus, do not that you receive reciprocal care, basically you receive the same care as any aussie citizen would.

Bank Account

I recommend NAB as you are not charge a monthly fee for being a member.

Back Packer Jobs

Fruit picking and farm work flourishes in different states at different times of the year, you have to make sure that the farm has a registered regional accepted postcode.

Voluntary work or wooffing as it is called no longer counts towards your 3 months regional work, you must have a contract and be able to prove your worked hours through payslips (also photograph the farm each day and take a selfie as evidence)

Some farms are great some farms are not so great.


RSA - you must have an rsa to become a bartender, each state has its own rules and regulations
RSG, gambling has the same conditions as the rsa, to provide the service.
First Aide - in general it helps
WWCC - if you want to work in care you will need this, each state has it's own card.
Blue Card - Trades
White Card - Trades

Australia common animals

It is good to brush up on the common types of snakes and spiders australia has to offer, don't worry to much as you are hardly going to come across any, and if your do it will most likely be a huntsman spider which is harmless!

And if you do see them just don't go near them leave them be and walk away slowly.

Brown Snake - death
Carpet python - pretty much harmless
Red belly black - death
Typan - might be dead

Red back - hospital treatment
Wolf spider - highly toxic can cause death
Huntsman - sickness and trots
mouse spider - common house spider
golden orb - harmless harden spider that looks menacing.

Food Storage

Silver fish

It is a good idea when travelling to buy plastic containers for your food as it will get infested with roaches or spiders depending on what sniffs it our first, all food must be contained and stored.

Fruit picking seasons

A hand tool for finding work and which season is booming in various states.

downloading apps

wiki camps

for a small fee this app was a huge help for finding safe places to stay for a decent coast on a camp site, it also tell you where local garages are, and petrol stations and so much more.

I will always bear that pearl of wisdom in mind, Muddles.

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Re: Australian Back Packers Guide.
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I want to know if I need more knowledge, can I find a place to help me?