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Letís chat: LGBT Women & HIV
« on: Dec 06, 2017, 04:16:19 PM »
Do you identify as a woman* from the LGBT+ community?
Are you worried about acquiring HIV?
Can you attend a small group in central Manchester on Thursday 7th December from 5:30-7pm?
If so, weíd love to chat to you about your experiences, worries and feelings around being at risk of acquiring HIV and HIV prevention. This is part of a larger piece of research led by Sophia Forum and Terrence Higgins Trustís ĖInvisible No Longer Women and HIV project.

As a thank you, everyone will receive a £20 shopping voucher and support with travel costs. Refreshments will be provided.

Anyone who worries about acquiring HIV and feels they would like to protect themselves from acquiring HIV can attend. This group is inclusive of trans women, bisexual women, Black, Asian, and other women from minority ethnic backgrounds (BAME), younger and older women, injecting drugs users, those affected by intimate partner violence, and women of all faiths and backgrounds.
The discussion will focus on

Your experiences and feelings around acquiring HIV
HIV prevention and why it is important to you
What issues affect you accessing HIV prevention
Your experiences will remain anonymous and this will be a safe, welcoming, inclusive space created by LGBT Foundation, Sophia Forum and Terrence Higgins Trust. Research will be led by trainer peer facilitators, and signposting for support will be available.

Spaces are limited so to take part in this discussion group, please email