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« on: Sep 30, 2017, 06:15:06 PM »
Ladies beware of fakes being sold on Amazon.   I recently bought a pair of Sony headphones and they were fake.  They only worked for a little while and then I got no sound.   I bought them to use when I practice my piano.   I honestly thought my piano had packed up  :'( but it was the headphones.   I bought a new pair of rather expensive Panasonic headphones yesterday from my local electrical shop and they worked.

This make me wonder what else is being sold on Amazon that is a fake

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Re: Amazon
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Everything can be fake there  :( That is so annoying you got fake headphones.
I saw some tips how to identify if something is fake. To look at the logos, packaging, numbers etc. Luckily I haven't got anything fake from Amazon except memory card for my camera. Later I saw official packaging but card seems ok. Probably has less memory than advertised but that never bothered me.
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Re: Amazon
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The owner just became one of the wealthiest men in the USA. He bought Whole Foods,,, Goodreads, and several others. The keyboard I am waiting for is coming from this company because it is impossible here to find a music store that sells anything other than guitars & pianos.
We tried for a week. My gf would love to play the keyboard for relaxation & it is her birthday tomorrow.
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