Author Topic: True Love: the ability to overlook what you can't stand about your partner!  (Read 519 times)

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For all those 'unlucky' in love you may be interested to watch the Ted and Google talks from Helen Fisher! They're really interesting to those who have not been able to keep love going long term or have/had idealisation/addiction confused with love.

The conclusion on why we fall in love with the types we do and, most interesting to me, what causes some people to stay together while other don't was a revelation in its simplicity! Apparently people who are able to stay in love are most able to focus on their partners good traits and can create and hold onto that vision to the exclusion of any negative traits.

There's no real point to this thread other than thinking how funny it is that we think about love as this star-driven, predetermined, perfect mate hand delivered from the divine when really its lots of sex good and early to get the bonding cemented plus fairytale thinking to sustain it. It's totally self constructed - there's something fabulous about this that really means that no woman walking past you on the street is really that much different to another.
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