Author Topic: Any other women who feel submissive to other strong women, but not men?  (Read 1900 times)

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After divorcing my husband, I discovered I am only interested in other women.  Chatting with various women, I now find that seeing/talking with a strong, attractive woman makes me feel submissive in their presence.

A mid-30s Canadian, now-single, independent-minded school teacher.  I tend to dominate the men who I meet, but women are a whole different thing.  I was shocked at my reaction, initially, but now I find it very erotic.

Are there others like me.

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The short answer is yes.
I only discovered my submissive side when I started having sex with women.
It's quite complicated, I think, and related to the male/female vs female/female power dynamics outside the bedroom.
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a wise and helpful soul, Musette  ;D

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Hi Musette,

Thanks for the response.  I don't think I have read anything about women who tend to be dominant with men, but are intrigued by submitting to strong women.

Comforting to hear from others with more experience than I.
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In answer to your Question my response is this...

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Your post is very interesting.
It made me think.
Yes I overpower men with the way I think
if there was a strong woman who'd like to dominate me sexually
I'd like to have an intellectual discussion beforehand to figure out if this is all going to work out or if there was a misunderstanding about who I was. Was there something about me they wanted to overpower and control?
I wouldn't want anyone to submit to me. I'd want them to talk to me.

I am attracted to strong women and I do not like men. I find strong women erotic but someone who didn't know what they were doing a turn off.

Attractive women aren't necessarily a strong sex. I'm attractive and a strong sex. Sex is in the unconscious. I'm attracted to strong sexes, genders and personalities and I don't want to submit to them.
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