Author Topic: Maths tutor required - Skill swap ( London )  (Read 610 times)

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Maths tutor required - Skill swap ( London )
« on: Jul 19, 2016, 02:07:50 PM »

I am seeking a Maths tutor for my son at my home or local library.

I have administrative skills that I could swap and a range of other social media knowledge, research and resource finding are my strengths for both profit and non-profit organisations.

My main industry background is in Media of various forms from TV to radio, I have experience in formulating Press releases, Personal Assistant to heads of departments and individuals both private and public figures face to face and as a Virtual PA.

If you or someone you know are qualified to teach Maths or have sufficient skills to do so and experience please contact me for more information and to arrange an initial meeting.

Please respond with your email address and or telephone number.

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