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Poem following a split
« on: Sep 02, 2016, 03:41:41 PM »
Empty echoes run through the house,
The rooms are so silent, you couldn't hear a mouse,
Stability has been taken from me, torn apart,
Like the candle that lit, and used to warm my heart.

My spirit is empty, dark and blue,
Gone are the days, I thought I missed you,
Your presence has left this big empty place,
Anger, despair and loneliness now fill this space.

Panic attacks, screaming and howling on the floor,
No not now, never, will you acknowledge my feelings and come knocking on the door.
You've left the mess, clear up and shit,
So that you can have a laugh and not give a fuck about the split.

Dividing assets, pets, garden and home,
A transaction so easy, sitting there on your perfect throne.
Casting your eyes across the sea of possessions,
Calculating their value, personal worth, with obsession.

A narcissist, a controller, someone selfish some might say,
All I know is, I am the one with the emotional debt to repay.
Sitting in your nice, squeaky clean, perfect flat,
Not a hint of sorrow, loneliness or reflection, with the cat sat on your lap!