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Draft for e-book.
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Chapter One

As three young companions come out of their local cinema, one of them, Leona, in her chino trousers and stripy shirt, gazes at two girls nearby, as they chatter to one another. She focuses all her attention onto them, as her eyes scruntises them both. Mike, her muscular male friend, goes up to her and brushes his hand across her shaven-head, as he observes her assessing the two girls.

Feeling his manhood at threat, he puts his two fingers into his mouth, and blows a whistle at them. They look over at him, and give him a wave, which he returns. Leona glances across at the two girls, before giving Mike a disapproving stare.

As Mike laughs at his own antics, Leona bumps into her other chum, Lucie, who carries some extra weight. Steadying herself, by leaning on her pal, Leona remarks on Lucie's height.

"Boy. Just to have that extra inch or two. I hate being small in stature."

Scratching at his jogging pants and lifting up his hoodie, Mike watches as Lucie looks on respectfully at Leona, whose boyish features contrasts well with Mike's rough male hue. He continues to laugh and joke about, as Leona stretches out her hand to sense the April's warm sun, as it struggles to shine from behind a large cloud.

Mike, starting to mess around, gives Leona a little push, and she stumbles back into the pathway of a young woman standing close-by to their grouping.

As she regains her balance, Leona looks at this female, her eyes focusing in on the young woman's face. With her long, brown hair and her fashionable clothing, that covers her whole body, she looks approachable. Of average height, the young female's green eyes focus in on Leona.

Keeping his gaze on his pal, as she and the young female, awkwardly, smile at each other, Mike watches as a tall man, with a slight figure, in a sober suit, moves towards the female. Reaching out to Leona, he takes hold of her hand and taps her on her back, gently.

"Leona. You haven't been around for a while. Meet my girl, Kate. We've been dating for some months, now."

As Quentin gingerly places his hand on her arm, Kate extends hers to Leona in friendship. Hesitating, Leona reaches out and does likewise, and they shake hands. Kate speaks up.

'Hi, Leona. Quentin's mentioned you a lot.'

As Leona's eyes dart from Quentin, back to Kate, she senses a kindness about her, as Kate looks across at Mike, who lurks nearby, as he watches Leona, and the other two, politely chatting to one another. Mike spies an attempt to spice up the moment, so leans into Quentin and throws out a few challenging words to him.

'Watch out, Quentin. Leona's on the look out for a girlfriend.'

Quentin looks on at Mike, as he wallows in the attention this gives him. Glancing over at Leona, Quentin looks undecided, then carefully wraps his arm around Kate's shoulders, and leans forward to peck her on the cheek. Kate puts on a sunny complexion for her lover, as Quentin tries to take the sting out of Mike's jibes. Addressing Leona, he waves a hand in her direction.

' That bookcase. Can you come tomorrow to take the measurements? Need it assembled as quickly as possible.'

Leona nods her hand at Quentin, and looks across at her two friends. Gesturing at them.both, she politely asks the question.

'Can I bring Lucie and Mike..'

Butting in to answer Leona's question, Quentin gives Mike a long look.

'Yeah. Sure. We can share a beer or two together.'

Giving Leona a nod of authority, Quentin takes hold of Kate's hand, and they begin to walk off down the road.

'See you all then."

As they walk away, Leona's eyes linger on them both, as the two lovers weave their way through the milling crowd.

Stepping over towards Leona, Mike gives her a big grin, and pulls at her clothing.

"Quentin's chosen well there. Cute looking, that one.'

As Leona takes in Mike's words, she turns back towards the couple, and looks at them, again. Her eyelids flicker as she does this, as Mike peers over her shoulder, giving her a running commentary of his latest sexual conquest, as he does this.

Leona puts her hand in her pockets and starts to walk off, with Lucie following on behind her. Mike's cackles reach their ears, as they continue on, avoiding stepping into each other's pathways.