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Just that. Identity.
« on: Jun 02, 2016, 03:51:11 AM »
Looking around me, here where I live, I find it hard to connect with the people all around me. All exchanges appear to be on the superficial level.

Occasionally, however, there'll be one person, some contact with someone who has no real connection in my actual life, who I can see has a degree or two of the essence that makes up my ingredients.

For instance, there is this very handsome(lucky) Asian cabbie who I occasionally get when requesting a cab. Just some things that have been said, makes me appreciate that, just like me, he has been hurt by love. I get the impression that the choices he has made because of that experience, has been different to mine, but I can see that he has a need to feel wanted and needed. The idea of :- 'I want more...' From life etc..

Every now and again, a character like that crops up, but I never seem to connect with anyone in my real life who shares these sorrows, and obviously there are quite a few who have been let down by others/lfe... Wonder where those ones are... Love to have some meaningful exchanges on such matters...