Author Topic: UK petition for an apology for those dismissed from HM Forces for being gay  (Read 1967 times)

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I have started a petition to get an apology for those like myself, who were dismissed from HM Forces for being gay.

Regardless of people's views on the forces, many of us joined because University or even work, wasn't available to us. Some have self harmed, still not got a suitable career, and suffered breakdowns.

The petition has been tweeted by Erasure and O'Hooley and Tidow, and signed by Stephen Fry. It is also going to be referenced in a forthcoming play called 'Out and Out' by joyfulproductions, written after I published the petition.

It has been promoted by LGBT football supporters, Universities and BBC Radio Sheffield.

If you would sign and share it on social media, I'd be grateful.


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I would have probably joined had the ban not been in place.
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