Author Topic: Making a difference every day - do we all aspire to this or just some of us?  (Read 2058 times)

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Morning GBs..... so I haven't been on the GB messageboards for about...... 10years I think.... and I wanted to start with my first random post by asking..... does everyone like to make a difference every day or is just something that only some of us aspire to achieve?

I've seen the positive results of doing one good turn after another and although I will never expect it to be returned in kind, it's a blessing and a gift when it does. Ergo, how can we lose?! Without the expectation that for each good deed we will receive one back, we can keep making differences and changes and bring about better results as often as we like.  ;D  With kindness and compassion and well, a whole wonderful, brilliant movement of goodness - what a fantastic journey to tread and path to follow - that sounds perfect to me!! I'm intrigued to hear what others feel or believe.

I often get told I'm too positive and that the world isn't a loving or kind place- and my answer in defence is such: if I don't try to improve it and make a difference who else will?  ;) I like being kind and funny and gentle and strong and all things good... surely I'm not alone in that lol.....

Feel free to ramble, rant, discuss, agree, disagree... talking is always good  8)

Hugs and smiles,

Jesster xx

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I have to admit that I do not wake up thinking about this. I hope I have internalized this so that my activity reflects kindness and thoughtfulness. This is a sweet post,Jess.
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I bought a homeless woman a smoothie on Sunday.


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 I don't specifically devote my time to thinking about how I can do good deeds, but I do try to be a good and decent person. Tonight for example, I shall probably do very badly on the pub quiz, enabling another team to win and therefore feel good about themselves. I might even buy someone a pint as well. 


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"Kind and funny and gentle and strong".......I like that.

I fill up the charity bags that come through the door, donate to the local Barnardo's charity shop and make regular donations to cats protection.

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i 'make available skipped food' to it from the dustcart.

And..i clear up rubbish left on buses when i come across it, also 'take and recycle cans/plas bot.'

Everyone should do this! X
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I.m rattling a bucket for Breast Cancer awareness tomorrow after work.
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I usually start out with good intentions, of trying to pass on good vibes, but as each moment of the day passes, and yet another has clashed with my interpretation of my world, it gets progressively difficult to keep afloat ones value systems...

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This seems appropriate given the latest result in U.SA....God help us!
Let's just hope Dangerous Donald reads your post! :-\
One day I'll laugh about this!😑