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Hello. I am looking for people who would be interested in travelling or going on holiday together. I am single as of a few months ago and this has limited travel possibilities a bit as friends aren't always available when I am. I am a 37 year old professional working in London in the city. I am friendly, sane and down to earth and a few of the things I like are going to art exhibitions, meeting friends for dinner or a drink, art house cinema and going for walks in the countryside. I have more of a quiet and relaxed personality than a loud and energetic one but I can easily chat with someone for hours, or swap silly stories to make each other laugh, if we have lots to talk about. I am open minded about where to travel - I'd be interested in city breaks, beach holidays, adventure travel or anything really and the budget is open. If people don't have much money I am fine with staying in cheaper accommodation but I am equally open to some more expensive places too. I don't mind how old you are ( I have friends ranging from twenties to fifties) or where you are, as long as you are fairly easy going and have an interest in travel of some sort.

If you're interested or want to ask any questions then send me a message.  :)

just a suggestion - do u know walking women holidays? they do non walking breaks too like ski ing, yoga etc

i've been on several alone and they are fab -

No, I hadn't heard of them. I will have a look. Thanks!

Are you the same sapphire that was here a few years ago

No, that isn't me. I haven't been here before. I didn't realise someone else had the same name.


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