Author Topic: Support assistant wanted for disabled student with light support needs  (Read 932 times)

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Job opportunity helping a disabled person with light support needs in Islington. I'm keen to employ someone who is accepting of me living with my same-sex partner - hence posting on Gingerbeer! Thanks for any interest :)

Support assistant/PA required for disabled postgraduate student with very light support needs, based in Islington. Initially about 8 hours a week, some mornings and some afternoons - this can be negotiated and can be flexible. Role will include making light meals e.g. breakfast, running errands, administrative support, light supervision in shower/some help while dressing. Must be reliable, able to arrive on time, and confident making phone calls and with admin. Being able to work at short notice sometimes would be appreciated. The right person will offered interesting work in the future, such as attending conferences or camps to support employer there. You must have the right to work in the UK. You can choose to be self-employed or for me to employ you (via a payroll agency which will sort out NI and tax). 10 per hour. Probationary period of 1 month. Fixed-term contract, potentially renewable after one year. This is not a zero-hours contract - you will be paid for a minimum number of hours each week even if the employer finds she does not need you some days, and there may be opportunity for extra hours later.

Please email with CV, explaining why you would be suitable for the job. Emails to Naomi: .