Author Topic: Living together - wit, wisdom or warnings?  (Read 5820 times)

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Re: Living together - wit, wisdom or warnings?
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If one falls in love with someone who lives within 45 minutes or so, you can spend 3days at each place and have a day apart to do some personal things- - -bills. Then, try the move in business.

My present gf lives about 14-1500 miles  from me.  First, we are retired and that does facilitate manners and own our homes.

WE had no choice but for me to come up for a 6 week visit and try it, went home for 6weeks, returned for 3 & 1/2 months, then  we went Florida for 5 &1/2.  We R back in NY until mid October.We had differences of opinion that we worked out, especially in a fiscal manner, but, worked them out. At this point in life, I am lucky to be with a very loving woman,disagreements are talked about util we can reach a decision. No lies,No game-playing & lots of love.

We may buy a larger home in the gay community that I live in & escape the heat twice in the summer. One choice is a rented cabin -type home in Ballyvaughan Ireland . We are going over in Apr- May to run around  Eire so I can share that eith Sylvia, then spending 4 days in Ballyvaughan to explore future possibilities for a summer 6 week escape. Once we are in 1 home, i will resume some trips to my favorite city- - -> the big L
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