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Hello Ladies

Some of you may already know that I have embarked on a professional coach training. This turned out to be quite exciting and the people I worked with so far did find it useful.

In order to get fully qualified I need to do 100 client hours.

So here I am offering up to 4 free 45 min sessions per person for those who want to try.

This is for people who want/ need to make change in their professional lifes and need someone neutral to talk things through. I would not give any advice but would ask lots of questions to expand your thinking, address obstacles, make a plan to get things done.

To keep things safe and some what anonymous I do this over Skype/ Phone, there also is a coaching agreement with some lines on confidentiality.

Please drop me a line/ PM me if interested.
Please note: This is not some sort of psychotherapy or mental health treatment. You should be in good mental shape for that.

Tante Ella
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