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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #75 on: Sep 30, 2017, 03:40:34 AM »
''The Tree of Life!''

The tree of life is without strife, a place I believe I shall meet my wife.
I feel down inside, within my soul, if I get there, I shall be whole.

The Tree of life is there, I know, you will wait, don't let me go!
We have surely proven enough by now,
That we shall prevail to meet somehow!

Our love is real, the sex is true, only we can feel that feeling though,'
I feel quite sorry for those who can't, understand or assimilate these words or commands.

However, enough, all done, dusted too, somehow, we managed, we have come through.

My children ready, my family prepared, I know you're no longer feeling absurd.
I know now you trust in me and what will be,
I know you trust my heart to be,
As true as yours, as strong and as stoic, no disrespect, nothing heroic,
So let's get it on, just me and just you, and together I know we will make it come true.

I will see you there, you cheeky little mare, waiting to welcome us there!
 Probably with a smile, a derisively guile, a walk and a threat, to go a mile!

And when it happens, I will stay quite calm, a wish, and a promise to put you on my arm.
So don't worry, or fret, don't panic or regret, our journey so far, we will reap rewards, 'Larr!'

The tree is waiting to give us our life, to make us all happy, to make you my wife!
I said I loved you, and I meant it, trick...y! ;) x

One day I'll laugh about this!😑

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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #76 on: Dec 07, 2017, 11:27:24 PM »
'A World of their own!')



so the crazy guy is still in power, how, who, his presence towers.
He's causing wars, distress and hate, he seems hell bent to 'un-create!)

 Sitting here with my daughter full of fear, for the road ahead so near!
Nobody told her she may not be here,
For very much longer, her belief in humanity will diminish now stronger!

She's  asking me:
''So mum what is all this that's happening?''
 All I can say is, ....

We have to start mapping, a way forward, away from here, somewhere safe, somewhere near,
Somewhere where we can survive, live, love freely!

 Somewhere we I can be with you and you with me, a place were we can just be...

My daughter is Thirteen, she hasn't lost, she hasn't seen, the things that those children in Syria have and still do.
Can we stop it?

We should do, it's not up to them, but us, to do.
What say you, brother, sister, missus, and mister?

Isn't it time to give the next generation a view of their own,
be happy, and peaceful in a world of their own?..

(For my Ellie 😐 x
One day I'll laugh about this!😑

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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #77 on: Dec 15, 2017, 12:09:49 AM »
'Last night was....Last night!''

Last night was last night, it was great, we didn't talk much, or fight,
We made love or was it sex, sometimes I forget your my ex!

Last night was last night, very very naughty, very very nice,
You make me feel real, you made me again yours,
Like it's no big deal, nothing, of course.

Taking your time working me over, sweeping and shifting your thighs like my lover,
Conscientious and caring, bold and daring, knowing I'm still yours always indoors!

Shifting and sliding with me down inside in, exploding exciting and widening,
Eyes and smile with mischievous guile, listening to moans, mixing with groans,
Twice you were there, I followed on fast, only regretting the moment that passed,

But that was last night and although it so nice, I need you today in every way,
Not just for a minute, not just for an hour, not just for a friend, a lover my flower,
Forever, tomorrow, tonight and next week, in sickness, in health, the next life we'll meet,

Without others, with some, with the shining moon and the brightest sun,
With love, with laughter with joy ever after, when happy when sad, whether helping or mad,
With the good with the bad, when consistently glad,
 to be with me to be on our own, with no other lovers, just us in our zone!
Last night was last, and I loved it did you?
Let every night be a night together us two!
One day I'll laugh about this!😑

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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #78 on: Dec 23, 2017, 12:25:23 AM »
''Life's so tough!''

Life is so tough, hard, confusing and can be quite rough!
Getting through a single day, must be achieved come what may!

The dark nights and cold days leave me climbing through the haze,
trying desperately to see a way through, thinking of positions I've been in with you.
Following my heart to lead the way allows it to beat for another day.
Showing me the way through leading me back to you it's all I can try to do!
You have such control over me sustaining unreality, maintaining I live in your world,
subservient until your here.

Giving orders delivering clues, you lie and smile to complete your ruse,
making me jump to every cue, knowing that's just what I'll do, anything to be with you!
Because you know how much I want to touch, to kiss to feel all over you!

The darkness comes in light of day, the games sadistic that you play,
''I love them, I need it''!
 you know I'll say!

Black in the night in this world so tough, so cruel, so tight and rough,
Belonging to you, knowing that too, you will be subservient through,
Love and hate whether meaning or fate,

You will obey I will continue to give, we both our lives striving to live,
Our way, each day, each giving and taking in every way, secretly giving whilst we lay.

Sometimes with ropes, sometimes with chains, sometimes losing the gains,
only left to relish the pains!

Whatever brings it on with us, as we never chose to really discuss,
our special days and nights together, leaving those hanging straps of leather,
all we want is to last for ever, bruising wrists, clenching fists,
punching doors leaving holes, releasing stress, constructing goals,
for every time, that life gets tough, we something's like to take it rough.

Life is tough, sometimes it's true, however it's better, when I'm with you,
relief we feel helps us deal, with the heights and strides our passion must heal,
this secret part we fill with 'fun' leaves me reveling so undone, you sigh, you breath, you 'come'.
 :) ;)
''Merry Christmas bitch!''


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One day I'll laugh about this!😑

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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #79 on: Jan 18, 2018, 02:51:02 AM »
"The Crying Game!"

How is it possible to cry so much that your heart and your soul become untouched?
Losing the plot, turning to rot, emptying out like rain in a drought,
Pouring from inside when your'e on the slide,
To a downwards peril not on the right side.

Today I cried like I've never before, don't think in my life I have ever before took so much more,
then I did just cannot remember when!

The sad thing is I know your cold and coolness is only at my bequest,
Iv'e only myself to blame I asked you to aim,
Straight for my heart, don't miss, and you didn't you never do,
We both know what you had to do....
The thing that really gets to me the most is though,
how easy it is emotions don't show, your coldness and iciness deals such a low blow!

How can she be so calm and unaffected, following a directive, why do I ask, your put to task,
never to reveal that innocent mask!

And yet still...I love you, so who's the fool!
One day I'll laugh about this!😑

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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #80 on: Feb 02, 2018, 01:53:54 AM »
'Hey I'm buying a van!'

Oh yes I am, mam, I'm buying a van!
I'm gonna do it up, make it look good, go on a journey like I know I should!
Start a new life work real hard, shake loose this fake facade',
Yes I'm gonna buy my van, it's freedom that's who I am!

I'll fit it out and pack all my supplies, leave behind doubt and lots of lies,
Live my own life go where I like, see all that's there, not have a care!
Somebody said
"You can't run away!"
What the fu## can make me stay?
Iv'e nothing left it's all gone now, bit by bit I lost it somehow!
So yes, if you like, I'm running away, God knows where My body will lay?
But if I don't go now I know I won't survive, the pain I'm feeling deep inside.
All I can do is travel and greet, different people I know I'll meet.
If I see you along the way, stop, smile, and say "hey"
" It's you, "Scouser" how are you do in' ?
I might smile back, or just keep on mov in'!
One day I'll laugh about this!😑

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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #81 on: Feb 18, 2018, 12:19:41 AM »

Waiting is hard, waiting feels fruitless, that in mind I feel I couldn't care less!
But still I wait, cos that's what you say I should do, it's the final lesson I have to see through!

Just wait, and wait, no haste, don't hesitate, just wait!
So here I am waiting for you, waiting so chaste to see what you'll do, but sometimes I doubt whether it false or true,
If even you emerge as you or 'you'?

I will wait I will sit here and hate, I shall continue to dispise, continue to hate, all this time you make me wait.
Only because I know and you do,
Know that soon I will be on you,
And God help me so mother and too,
I sware you will pay for all that you do,
In one way or another, whether hate, love or shame,
I sware to you now, I will win your game!
One day I'll laugh about this!😑

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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #82 on: Mar 13, 2018, 01:39:12 AM »
"The Tree!"

The tree is where I want to be, around, tied, you watching me,
The tree will be our place in our space,
playing together alone so quiet, truth shining through total defiance!

The tree in our garden is strong and true,
the bark all around it reminds me of you,
Hard to touch, tough exterior, with a solid protective veneer!

That tree will be our very own sanctuary, it will lead me to you, and you to me.
For our tree will be in our garden surrounded by a house we'll make a home,
Nothing to stop us in our endeavour, staying in love forever,
no further need to roam!

The Kitchen window will look onto, the greenest grass, blooming flowers too,
Rose bushes in abundance, lending their scent,
Amongst vines and rushes, allowing quiet lament!

We shall sit during the day, chat and have laughter,
at night holding each other for ever and after,
Loving and kissing nothing will be missing,
Nobody to take our time from us,
this is ours to share with love or with lust.

The tree around we shall sit, hold hands, touch, stroke and dismiss,
any others, visitors or strangers,
As though their prescence signified dangers!

Protective, reflective, our solitude closely defended,
how wev'e fought for so long never forgotten, remembered.

Ensuring devotion between one another, fighting for love like a child for her mother!
Remaking together new times shared forever, our life, our love our tree,
our endeavour!

For you to see to.......
One day I'll laugh about this!😑