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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #75 on: Sep 30, 2017, 03:40:34 AM »
''The Tree of Life!''

The tree of life is without strife, a place I believe I shall meet my wife.
I feel down inside, within my soul, if I get there, I shall be whole.

The Tree of life is there, I know, you will wait, don't let me go!
We have surely proven enough by now,
That we shall prevail to meet somehow!

Our love is real, the sex is true, only we can feel that feeling though,'
I feel quite sorry for those who can't, understand or assimilate these words or commands.

However, enough, all done, dusted too, somehow, we managed, we have come through.

My children ready, my family prepared, I know you're no longer feeling absurd.
I know now you trust in me and what will be,
I know you trust my heart to be,
As true as yours, as strong and as stoic, no disrespect, nothing heroic,
So let's get it on, just me and just you, and together I know we will make it come true.

I will see you there, you cheeky little mare, waiting to welcome us there!
 Probably with a smile, a derisively guile, a walk and a threat, to go a mile!

And when it happens, I will stay quite calm, a wish, and a promise to put you on my arm.
So don't worry, or fret, don't panic or regret, our journey so far, we will reap rewards, 'Larr!'

The tree is waiting to give us our life, to make us all happy, to make you my wife!
I said I loved you, and I meant it, trick...y! ;) x

One day I'll laugh about this!😑

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Re: Today I wrote a poem
« Reply #76 on: Dec 07, 2017, 11:27:24 PM »
'A World of their own!')



so the crazy guy is still in power, how, who, his presence towers.
He's causing wars, distress and hate, he seems hell bent to 'un-create!)

 Sitting here with my daughter full of fear, for the road ahead so near!
Nobody told her she may not be here,
For very much longer, her belief in humanity will diminish now stronger!

She's  asking me:
''So mum what is all this that's happening?''
 All I can say is, ....

We have to start mapping, a way forward, away from here, somewhere safe, somewhere near,
Somewhere where we can survive, live, love freely!

 Somewhere we I can be with you and you with me, a place were we can just be...

My daughter is Thirteen, she hasn't lost, she hasn't seen, the things that those children in Syria have and still do.
Can we stop it?

We should do, it's not up to them, but us, to do.
What say you, brother, sister, missus, and mister?

Isn't it time to give the next generation a view of their own,
be happy, and peaceful in a world of their own?..

(For my Ellie 😐 x
One day I'll laugh about this!😑