Author Topic: post about your first lesbian sexual experience here  (Read 19123 times)

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post about your first lesbian sexual experience here
« Reply #105 on: Oct 24, 2015, 05:10:01 AM »
Wow.....I've just enjoyed reading all posts...
I've never been in bed with a woman in my life so just reading others' first experiences turned me on so much! (lol)
I'm not sure how mine will be....I can't even imagine it!

PS I now feel so naughty but I'm on my night duty though

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Re: post about your first lesbian sexual experience here
« Reply #106 on: Dec 29, 2015, 01:43:55 AM »
I was 17; possibly 18. Had gone away for a girls' summer holiday to my parents' place in Spain. The other girls were straight. For several days I had been involved in some very intense eye contact with a Spanish looking woman on the beach; she was there with a similar looking woman and, to my mind, they could have been a couple. But the tension was mounting during the days between me and her. Near the end of our holiday my friends were packing up to go back to get ready to go out. I said I'd stay on the beach a while by myself. I just laid back on my towel and relaxed, eyes shut, in the late sun. I suddenly felt a shadow across my face. When I opened my eyes I was looking at her; she who was sitting on the sand next to my towel looking down at me. She held a rose in her hand and offered it me. It was an artificial one, but I didn't care. She kissed me. It was dusk. Then, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Maria Magdalena...
We went for a walk and ended up going back to her apartment. We had some intimacy on the sofa and she said she could tell I was a virgin from her touch and asked me about that. She said she thought I was older than I was. Think my virginity was a surprise. Turns out she was Portuguese and on holiday too. We were getting better acquainted on the sofa of her holiday home when a man and woman came in. They were in their thirties, I'd say, but were a couple. They knew her history and were outraged; and loud and angry and condemnatory. They threw us out with much waving of fists. We swapped addresses (as we did in those days) as she was going back to Portugal the next day.
I moped about for a bit and told a couple of my more sensible friends about what had been happening. About five days later she came back with her gay friend. She rang my parents' place (where we still were) and said she was in town. I hung out with her again. Her friend was very butch and I remember us being insulted and thrown out of a couple of places; I didn't understand what was going on at the time but now, of course, I do. We wrote for a while afterwards; she sent me her photo which was a small black and white passport sized one. Bit of a glam shot though, I seem to remember... Kept in my wallet for a while. But that moment, after days of stolen eye contact on the beach, when I felt her shadow and saw her there.... Never forgotten.