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The Dungeon / Re: Dungeon Random Disclosures
« Last post by pure evil on Today at 10:10:08 PM »
^^^ cute!

DRD: finally returned to the gym!! It was a bit hard to get back into but my body is feeling about 100 times happier than before the experience.
Whatever You Fancy! / Re: what's making you smile at the moment?
« Last post by Trifle on Today at 08:07:26 PM »
Simply the lovely sun  :)

Yes, it was 31C on Clapham Common yesterday   8)
Whatever You Fancy! / Re: what's making you smile at the moment?
« Last post by Trifle on Today at 08:05:46 PM »
Thanks Betty. Iím now going around feeling like the cat that got the cream. Perhaps I should get involved more often if the opportunity arises.

The women Iíve spoken to were frightened of violent/abusive repercussions or being sacked, just for expressing an opinion and trying to open up debate.

I like the sound of your ceremony. Ah to have a door that looks out onto fields...

Thanks Trifle and LFL.

I know - so ridiculous that we should be put in this position of fear. In the 1980/90's for me, it was fear of losing my job for being gay - and that did happen once. Will it ever end? Will we ever think that our beliefs matter enough to be taken into consideration without a backhander for crossing the patriarchy.

I was thinking about as a teenager when a friend of my brothers that I never really got on with, saw me reading Simon De Beauvoir, "The Second Sex" and the only time he had come across Simon De Beauvoir was in the Lloyd Cole song "Rattlesnakes" but he tried to pretend he was all over it and knew all about it. And when I tried to explain some of it to him, he said, "It doesn't matter what you think or what you say. Or what she thinks or she said. Because at the end of the day, me or any man can just smack you in the mouth and there's nothing you can do about it." And that was a young leftie, male with anarcho-punk pretensions. (He was probably wrong about the smack in the mouth as it happens. He had an exagerated sense of his own physical prowess and a lot of complacency about the likelihood of me fighting back. But you never want to go there.)

Now with even more nefarious ways of trying to silence women being invoked every day, its even more open season on feminists than it ever was - and I guess we shouldn't be surprised. The next generation of young men ain't going to surrender their power in the name of equality any more than any other generation did.

Thatís really awful. Itís my understanding that women are a lot stronger than we are taught to believe, and a 12 year old girl can inflict serious damage on a big man if taught some easy ways to do it. But yes, you just wouldnít want to go there.

And youíd hope that younger men would have been born into a less patriarchal world and therefore act it out less, but that doesnít seem to be so. What really gets to me is the way women themselves turn on other women for being feminists. That really has to be the most stupid thing to do. I know theyíre conditioned to act out the patriarchy but it still really annoys me and makes me feel itís little wonder feminism has been so slow to progress with so many women siding with men against each other.

I read a commentary about the history of humanity recently, and the (male) author pondered as to why women throughout history have not risen up and stopped their own oppression and the only thing he could think of was that theyíre not very good at working together. He compared it with how men are very good at working together to keep women down. He had a lot to say on other topics that I agreed with and he was clearly very perceptive  but I canít see how it can have such a simple explanation.

Whatever You Fancy! / Re: what's making you smile at the moment?
« Last post by Oso on Today at 03:05:16 PM »
Simply the lovely sun  :)
The Dungeon / Re: Dungeon Random Disclosures
« Last post by millicent on Today at 10:01:42 AM »
Things I would not have done four years ago, but do now #4,318:
Ask someone what the preferred pronoun of their cock is.
The Dungeon / Re: Dungeon Dear *
« Last post by pure evil on Today at 09:55:17 AM »
^^^^ Yes, that does sound terrifying.  ;D
The Dungeon / Re: Dungeon Dear *
« Last post by Arig on Today at 09:39:08 AM »
Dear dungeoners,

How feasable is it to blindfold gf and use dungeon-loft WiFi to check.out YouTube videos on how to work with a stainless steel breast press?

If you know what the equipment item is, can you watch the videos in advance? Even make notes? > I do this with rope as I have such a dogs brain for remembering knots. Then I just use the blindfold to hide my inaccuracies x refering to instructions.

No idea what it is, just says stainless steel breast press. Which I think sounds appealing.  On the other hand... It may be fun to have them gagged and bound and start talking about how i have no idea how to use this equipment and put  an instruction video on, look baffled and keep.repeating "No idea what I am doing but here goes nothing!"
Notice Board / Re: Research: LGBTQ+ lives and the women's prison
« Last post by Lust for Life on Today at 07:40:10 AM »
I would be happy to participate in exchange for some heavy duty wire cutters, a universal key to open any lock, a high quality blonde wig, and a set of civilian clothes. Thank you.
Notice Board / Re: Research: LGBTQ+ lives and the women's prison
« Last post by Lust for Life on Today at 07:18:03 AM »
I'm a lecturer and researcher at The Open University (criminology/sociology) working on a new research project exploring the life stories of LGBTQ+ people who have either served a prison sentence or worked as a prison officer in a women's prison in England.

If you have experience of prison as a prisoner or a prison officer and think you might be interested in talking anonymously and confidentially about your life to a researcher, please consider getting in touch.

You can find out more here:, or contact me directly by emailing

I put myself on the mailing list for this research and just received an update. The researcher is in need of more people's stories so is now looking at other ways to communicate with contributors (originally only a face to face interview was possible).

If you know anyone who might have been put off by that and may now be able to contribute after all, I am sure Abigail would be delighted to hear from them.

I don't know her, and she didn't ask me to bump this thread. It's just that I really support the fact that someone is researching this.
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