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Title: Looking for a blind date?
Post by: Alana on Aug 18, 2017, 12:10:41 PM
I run a weekly dating column in the Femail magazine, and am looking to run a lesbian one in the coming weeks. I match the couples, and send them on a blind date with a budget of 150 for the meal, and then I write it up for the magazine. It's been running for 6 months now and is very popular. We've already had two men, and I really want to get two women, to make sure we are as inclusive as possible. You will get full approval of any copy before it is published and my aim for the column is always to be a positive look at dating - so no character assassinations allowed!
If you are interested, can you email me at with your name, whereabouts you live, your age, your interests, what sort of person you are looking for, and a recent photo?

Many thanks